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crVCL PHP Framework - Nightly Build - PHP 7.x Support

crVCL PHP Framework support now PHP version 7.x. It has been tested with PHP 7.1 , see


crVCL PHP Framework Version 2.8

The new final stable of crVCL PHP Framework Version 2.8  is out now!

Nightly Build Mercurial Repository

We wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017.


Open Source Developer Wanted

We still look for PHP developers for the free cooperation on "crGUI PHP Framework".

Current number of developers: 4
Earnings: Fame, extension of the own abilities, perhaps in future $
Project Website:
Info.: version 1.4 stable released in april.
Requirements: PHP 5 and higher, CSS, HTML, JS, DOM, OOP and a clear coding style.

If you want to become a contributor of this project send an email to
and include a description of yourself with a photo and your experiences in developing.

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