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crVCL PHP Framework - Nightly Build - Redis Session Support

crVCL PHP Framework support now Redis as Session-Handler, see


crVCL PHP Framework - Nightly Build - PHP 7.x Support

crVCL PHP Framework support now PHP version 7.x. It has been tested with PHP 7.1, see


crVCL PHP Framework Version 2.8

The new final stable of crVCL PHP Framework Version 2.8  is out now!

Nightly Build Mercurial Repository

We wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2017.


Open Source Developer Wanted

We still look for PHP developers for the free cooperation on "crGUI PHP Framework".

Current number of developers: 4
Earnings: Fame, extension of the own abilities, perhaps in future $
Project Website:
Info.: version 1.4 stable released in april.
Requirements: PHP 5 and higher, CSS, HTML, JS, DOM, OOP and a clear coding style.

If you want to become a contributor of this project send an email to
and include a description of yourself with a photo and your experiences in developing.

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