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    IT Consulting

Consulting and Technical Engineering

As part of opensource projects, partnerships and social networking,

We offer a well-founded knowledge and consulting in the following sectors:
- software development
- software architectures
- software design
- database design
- technical engineering
- technical SEO (On-Page SEO Optimization, Content SEO Optimization, Link-Building SEO Optimization)
- High Performance MySQL
- High Availability MySQL
- High Performance full-text search
- web architectures
- application-, web- and database cluster
- AWS (Amazon Web Services)

These services include the following programming languages, software standards and database systems;

Programming languages: Phyton, C++, PHP, Java, JavaScript, Xbase++ / Clipper
Software standards: MVC, XML, XML-RPC, REST, AJAX
Database Systems: MySQL, Sphinx, ADS, dBase

If interested, please contact the following e-mail address:
We advise you!

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