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    News (2013)


crVCL PHP Framework Version 2.5

The new final stable of crVCL PHP Framework Version 2.5  is out now!

Google Code Repository
Nightly Build Mercurial Repository

On the occasion of the survey "PHP usage 2013" (, we decided that the upcoming version 2.6 is developed only for PHP 5.4 and higher.

We wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014.


PHP usage 2013 - survey results

Thanks to all who participated in the survey. The results of the survey you will find here here


PHP usage 2013

Take part in a survey on the use of PHP in 2013. Click here for the survey

This survey helps us, among others, in strategic decisions regarding the development of crVCL PHP Framework.


crVCL PHP Framework - Nightly Build - bootstrap Support

Support of (Twitter) Bootstrap CSS Framework for modern look and feel of websites and web applications with crVCL PHP Framework, see


crVCL PHP Framework - Nightly Build - new class for SEPA Support

Date of 1 February 2014: SEPA migration for credit transfers and direct debits. With the new SEPA class from the crVCL PHP framework  no problem,


crVCL PHP Framework - Nightly Build - compatibility changes for PHP version 5.4

compatibility changes to support PHP version >= 5.4, see the last Nightly Build of crVCL,


crVCL PHP Framework - Nightly Build - major bug fixes as sample for daemon, sphinx etc.

See the new enhancements for the daemon library, Sphinx and other powerful framework features, see the last Nightly Build of crVCL


crVCL PHP Framework Video Tutorial

Watch the new crVCL PHP Framework Video Tutorial, see


crVCL PHP Framework Online Documentation

The project documentation is now online available:


crVCL PHP Framework - Nightly Build - new crVCL Compression Algorithm

Improve your web content delivery with the new crVCL Compression Algorithm (extended HTTP Header output included), see the last Nightly Build of crVCL

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