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    News (2015)


crVCL PHP Framework Version 2.7

The new final stable of crVCL PHP Framework Version 2.7  is out now!

Nightly Build Mercurial Repository

We wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2016.


Nightly Build of crVCL PHP Framework Version 2.7 beta

Check out the new nightly build of crVCL PHP Framework Version 2.7 beta.
There is a lot of new enhancements and functionality like

- functions to convert GPS data "DMStoDEC" and "DECtoDMS"
- performance enhancements for fsock libraries (REST, XML-RPC)
- support of unzip files
- support of permalinks for AJAX
- support of CKEditor
- support of "INNER JOIN" with "SELECT" for "MySQLBuilder"
- enhancements of ISO 639-X language code support

and more ...


crMySQL Toolkit 1.1

The new crMySQL Toolkit 1.1  is out now, see


Back on Sourceforge

Google announced turning down Google Code Project Hosting, we moved back to Sourceforge

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