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crVCL PHP Framework

Based on PHP 5.4 and Javascript 1.4 and CSS 2.1 (or higher).
Provide classes and function for develop easy and fast web applications/webpages with graphical components.
It give you more comfort in developing web applications with high usability.

Rapid Application Development for PHP

crVCL is inspired by JEDI VCL and Java Spring

Main Features: Full MVC, GUI-Components, AJAX, GeoIP, APC + Memcache Support,
SQL-Builder (MySQL, MySQLi, MySQL PDO, SQLite), MySQL-Loadbalancing, MySQL High Performance, MySQL High Availability,
XML-Classes, Sphinx Full Text Search Engine with SphinxQL Support, NoSQL via CouchDB, Redis key-value store, Elasticsearch, Brotli Compression Support

Full Native Implementations: AJAX, Zipfiles, XML-RPC Client/Service, PDF, RESTful Webservice,
SEPA (SWIFT), DTA, DICT + XDXF Dictionary, asynchron CLI Job Daemon + Worker, CouchDB, Redis

AJAX Features: no need of jQuery, use AJAX direct from PHP, execute callback Javascript, use multi response to replace many HTML elements with one request

Optional: Support of (Twitter) Bootstrap CSS Framework for modern look and feel of websites and web applications

Whitepaper: default PHP GET/POST Requests vs. crVCL MVC Events

Project Hosting on Sourceforge Sourceforge
Project Documentation:
Video Tutorial: YouTube
Mercurial Repository on Sourceforge: crVCL-HG
Nightly Build Mercurial Repositories:
Project Archive:

Generally recommended release is the our last stable Nightly Build release.

What is a stable Nightly Build release? It's a release in which, to the best of our knowledge,

    most features are production-quality stable;
    most features come with additional improvements or fixes;
    newly added features did not have any known major bugs at the time of release;
    newly added features might be incomplete and/or less tested.

CR-Class for Xbase++

Additive class and tool library for Xbase++ 1.82.
Provide classes and functions to develop more convenient with Xbase++.
It give you more comfort in developing applications with high usability.

Project Website:

MySQL Whitepaper's

MySQL table wide structure migration/synchronization v1.3
How-to to migrate big complex unclean system ‘s, applications (database’s or table’s) to a new clean structure.

Check the ratio/efficiency of your MySQL Server.

crMySQL Toolkit

Additive procedures and functions for MySQL

Nightly Build Mercurial Repositories:

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